The Mixtape Timeline 🎞


Circa 1970

😱 Mixtapes Emerge

Hip hop mixtapes first appear in circulation on the streets of New York City. They explode in popularity, covering the globe. Everyone and their mother has a mixtape.


The 90s

😐 Mixtapes Evolve

By the late 90s, tapes have been abandoned for CD's which can hold more songs and don't take a pencil to rewind. The walkman is swapped for a case that holds 48 CDs and a player you can carry in your Jansport backpack.



🥴 Mixtape Dark Ages

Companies like Napster and Myspace take over and music lovers slowly lose the art of throwing together a mixtape. Then Spotify and Apple music turn music sharing into a cold hard science.


Sept. 10 2021

🥳 A new hope: Mixtape Social Music

The first Mixtape on a Social Music™ platform is released, taking the beloved art to the world of social media apps that are loved and used by billions.
The world makes sense again as artists, musicians, enthusiasts and adventurers unite!

The Future Is History

Mixtape Social Music's sole purpose is to share music from Apple Music, on one social platform.

Mixtape Social Music™ is simple to use, pretty on the eyes, fun, and the best kind of addicting. We want users to fall in love with the experience and discover new music, while connecting with their favorite musicians, athletes, actors, and public figures.

We will have all of these groups along with regular users tell their stories of how music shaped, changed, influenced, and saved their lives.

We are focusing on staying away from all the negativity that is found on social media now. Mixtape Social Music™  will be a way for everyone to use the voices of musicians as their own.

With our partnerships with Apple Music, we can ensure that the artists will be paid for their musical masterpieces, without us taking a portion of their royalties. Our goal is to correct the music industry even with the digital age shift.