Frequently Asked Question

Questions from you to Mixtape. If you have questions send them to us and we will make sure all are answered.

Is Mixtape Social Music® a free app?

Absolutely! Mixtape Social Music® is free for everyone to enjoy.

Who can create Mixtapes?

Mixtape is a vibrant social platform for everyone—artists, fans, family, friends, even neighbors (did we leave anyone out?). We believe that everyone's unique story about songs should be shared.

Is Mixtape only available on iOS?

Currently, yes. However, we're jamming away to bring Mixtape to the Google Play Store for Android users. Stay tuned!

How do I create a Mixtape?

Creating a Mixtape is as easy as hitting the "+" icon at the bottom of the feed. Name it, pick a picture, add a description, share your story with a voice intro, toss in at least one song, and hit post. It's quicker than answering this question!

How do artists/bands get paid?

Artists receive distributions from all Apple Music streams the same way they're currently paid. No need for extra sign-ups—your royalties from Apple Music streamed through Mixtape Social Music®Mixtape Social Music® come seamlessly.

How do I share Mixtapes on social media?

Check out our tutorial at LINK HERE for step-by-step instructions on sharing Mixtapes on Instagram and Facebook stories. Each Mixtape also has a unique shareable link.

What if I'm already on a label?

No worries! Many bands on labels have seen increased streams through iTunes and Apple Music with Mixtape. No contract breaches here, just more revenue.

Do I need to pay for a music subscription for Mixtape?

Nope! Even without a music streaming subscription, you can still enjoy previews of the music and the full Mixtape experience—connecting and hearing others' stories without the subscription requirement.

Is there fine print?

No sneaky fine print here! We do have terms and conditions, and a privacy policy, but Mixtape respects your data. We've even made it easy to delete your profile if you decide to part ways, but we doubt you’ll want to!

Are there limitations on the number of songs I can add to a Mixtape?

Nope! Express yourself freely. You can add as many songs as you'd like to your Mixtape.

Can I customize the privacy settings of my Mixtapes?

Absolutely. Mixtape Social Music® allows you to adjust the privacy settings of your Mixtape profile, whether you want it to be public or completely private.

How do I discover new music on Mixtape?

Navigate to the "Discover" section to explore a variety of Mixtapes created by other users. It's a great way to uncover new tunes and stories.

What's the difference between a Mixtape and a Playlist?

While playlists focus on the music, Mixtapes go beyond—they include personal stories and experiences connected to each song, unique artwork, social interaction via comments and multiple ways to react, and more. It's a richer, more immersive musical journey.

Can I save the Mixtapes I want to listen to later?

Yes, you can! Save your favorite Mixtapes to your library so you can enjoy them at your convenience whenever the perfect moment arises.

How do I report inappropriate content?

We take user safety seriously. If you come across any content that violates our guidelines, use the reporting feature or contact our support team.

How do I connect with other users on Mixtape?

Explore profiles, discover common interests through Mixtapes, and send friend requests to connect with artists and fellow music enthusiasts.

What if I want to delete my profile?

No worries. Click on your profile, then "edit", then at the bottom of the screen there is a "Delete Account" button. Once you push that button and follow the prompts, all user data will be removed and permanently be deleted.

Is Mixtape Social Music® available internationally?

Absolutely! Mixtape Social Music® is accessible worldwide, so you can connect and share your musical stories with users from across the globe.

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